Environmental Restoration Planners

Environmental Restoration Planners

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Environmental Restoration Planners

What's it like?

Collaborate with field and biology staff to oversee the implementation of restoration projects and to develop new products. Process and synthesize complex scientific data into practical strategies for restoration, monitoring or management.

Working conditions


  1. Develop environmental restoration project schedules and budgets.
  2. Provide technical direction on environmental planning to energy engineers, biologists, geologists, or other professionals working to develop restoration plans or strategies.
  3. Create habitat management or restoration plans, such as native tree restoration and weed control.
  4. Conduct site assessments to certify a habitat or to ascertain environmental damage or restoration needs.
  5. Collect and analyze data to determine environmental conditions and restoration needs.

Top Skills

  • Critical Thinking.
  • Active Listening.
  • Complex Problem Solving.
  • Judgment and Decision Making.
  • Reading Comprehension.


Environmental Sciences and Pollution Treatment.

Average Salary‚Äč

8380/ Month

Career Pathway

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