News Analysts, Reporters and Journalists

News Analysts, Reporters and Journalists

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News Analysts, Reporters and Journalists

What's it like?

Narrate or write news stories, reviews, or commentary for print, broadcast, or other communications media such as newspapers, magazines, radio, or television. May collect and analyze information through interview, investigation, or observation.

Working conditions


  1. Write commentaries, columns, or scripts, using computers.
    Coordinate and serve as an anchor on news broadcast programs.
  2. Examine news items of local, national, and international significance to determine topics to address, or obtain assignments from editorial staff members.
  3. Analyze and interpret news and information received from various sources to broadcast the information.
  4. Receive assignments or evaluate leads or tips to develop story ideas.

Top Skills

  • Active Listening.
  • Reading Comprehension.
  • Speaking.
  • Writing.
  • Critical Thinking.



Average Salary‚Äč

9980/ Month

Career Pathway

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