Special Effects Artists & Animators

Special Effects Artists & Animators

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Special Effects Artists & Animators

What's it like?

Create special effects or animations using film, video, computers, or other electronic tools and media for use in products, such as computer games, movies, music videos, and commercials.

Working conditions


  1. Design complex graphics and animation, using independent judgment, creativity, and computer equipment.
  2. Create basic designs, drawings, and illustrations for product labels, cartons, direct mail, or television.
  3. Participate in design and production of multimedia campaigns, handling budgeting and scheduling, and assisting with such responsibilities as production coordination, background design, and progress tracking.
  4. Create two-dimensional and three-dimensional images depicting objects in motion or illustrating a process, using computer animation or modeling programs.
  5. Make objects or characters appear lifelike by manipulating light, color, texture, shadow, and transparency, or manipulating static images to give the illusion of motion.

Top Skills

  • Active Listening 
  • Critical Thinking 
  • Reading Comprehension 
  • Speaking
  • Active Learning


Arts and Decorative Industries

Average Salary​

14210/ Month

Career Pathway

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